Pruning & tree management

Qualified pruning to ensure tree health and safety

Correct pruning is never excessive and gives your tree the best chance to regrow protective laminate wood and bark. Moreover, prior to pruning, a thorough inspection of the tree should be completed by a trained arboriculturist. TreeFix’s team of professionals will make sure that your tree will be healthy, beautiful and safe for years to come.

Trees that are pruned incorrectly, lopped or without a specific outcome are more likely to develop faults leading to weaker, hazardous structures. It is extremely important to hire trained arboriculturists to inspect, trim and manage your trees. 

Lopping, aggressive topping or removing stems and branches so that only very large stubs remain, induces the tree to grow new shoots below and around lopping cuts overburdening the tree structure. A lopped tree is more susceptible to disease and pests. Trees that have been lopped will likely require ongoing management to bring back under control and is not always successful. 
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Certified tree reports

Trees should be inspected every two years or after significant storm events to determine health and risk potential. We adhere to the requirements for a professional arborist report as set by the Queensland Arboricultural Association (QAA).

Our reports include height and age estimates, scientific naming, canopy spread, diameter of trunk, study of tree vitality and structural integrity as well as an assessment of value, significance and suitability. The report provides recommendations as to the care and health of the tree and any supporting evidence or references that may be required. Other data may be included as well. 
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Reports for private and public spaces

TreeFix provides reports for a variety of private and public purposes. We serve public space managers including caravan parks, government properties, schools, public parks, campgrounds and recreation areas.
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Reports for development sites

Property developers, architects and engineers use our reports and our tree work services. TreeFix collaborates with business requirements to provide development plans and pre-building advice often saving our clients thousands of dollars.

Emergency services available

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We can respond to emergencies 24/7

We are available 24/7 for urgent emergency works and our vehicles are set up to handle emergency situations.

Please call or text your emergency address to 04 3972 4013 and we will mobilise a team to assist you. 
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Emergency assistance available

Safety Alert 
  • Beware of Electrical hazards and fallen wires 
  • Stay away and keep clear of broken trees 
  • Do not attempt to do the work yourself 
  • We are here to help
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Habitat creation & wild areas management

Save money by creating habitat. Safely leaving standing trunks of suitable tree species can be cost effective and save the environment too. Our services include habitat creation, woody weed removal, sensitive clearing, fire-breaks and controls as well as spotter catchers. 
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Onsite Project Arborist Services

TreeFix also manages tree assets for specific sites. This may be a long term or short term arrangement and involves a tree management plan for the site. Contact us regarding our project Arborist services, providing tree management and protection from start to finish.
Pruning for habitat workshop
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