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As a Sunshine Coast home or business owner, you want your trees to be healthy and attractive. Healthy trees and foliage will enhance the look of your property and add value. Tree Fix is your local specialist tree lopper for all Sunshine Coast suburbs from Noosa to Caloundra and the hinterland. 

Typical Tree Lopping Problems

Most people use tree-lopping services to reduce the size of a tree. Over time, trees can become larger than you intended and their growth needs to be restrained. Tall trees can also become a hazard not only to your own home but to your neighbours as well. However, you want to be sure that by removing branches you are in fact not killing the tree or making the problem worse. Sometimes removing branches from a tree can make it stressed and vulnerable to disease or insect infestations. You also want to be sure that your tree does not end up looking disfigured and unattractive. Unsightly trees often end up needing to be removed in the future.

Tree Lopping Experts

The team of expert tree loppers at Tree Fix are fully qualified arborists and tree surgeons. We have the knowledge and expertise toremove branches and trim trees so they not only remain attractive, but they are also healthy and safe. We have been lopping trees on the Sunshine Coast since 1993. Whether you need tree lopping services for your home or commercial property, we will get the job done right, so your trees are an asset and not a liability.
A stump removal on the Sunshine Coast

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No matter what your needs, we will be able to trim, prune or cut you trees safely and with a minimum of fuss. Find out why so many other Sunshine Coast residents have chosen Tree Fix for a wide range of tree services. Call Now 0439 724 013.
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