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Save Water, Time and Money with Mulch

How much mulch should I use? Answer: Too much Mulch can be harmful. Note that some ‘mulch types’ like pine or palm may vary; however it is generally recommended for ‘best results’ is apply and even layer of about 75mm to 100mm. 

To much Mulch can be harmful. Note that some "Mulch types" like pine or palm may very; however this will give the best results maintaining oxygen and water exchange to the soil. Mulching, or covering soil surfaces with a material or compound, has several benefits.
  • Reduces ground soil water loss. 
  • Erosion protection 
  • Mulching enhances the action of soil fumigants 
  • Maintain soil temperatures 
  • Suppresses weed growth 
  • Provides habitat for beneficial soil creatures 
  • TreeFix offers both fresh ‘mixed blend forest mulch’ and thermophilic (organic compounds) and qood advice about Mulches applications for your soil and erosion prevention needs. As we removeorprune your tree, we chip all debris into valuable mulch. And it’s yours for FREE! We also remove unwanted clippings from the site without any additional charge.” 
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Is your tree healthy?

Healthy trees are safe, beautiful and add value to your property. Regular tree reports, inspections, correct pruning and Mulching all play an essential role in ensuring your trees’ well-being. TreeFix offers the services and solutions you need to properly care for your trees.

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